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Dec 312009

How to adjust the argument position in xargs?


Sometimes you might want to adjust the argument position when using the xargs command, e.g.

echo "foo" | xargs echo "bar"

It gives:

bar foo

Instead, you want the piped argument "foo" to be inserted before the "bar", you can use

echo "foo" | xargs -i echo {} "bar"

Now it gives:

foo bar

That's very handy

  3 Responses to “How to adjust the argument position in xargs?”

  1. With GNU Parallel you do not need the -i:

    echo "foo" | parallel echo {} "bar"

    and you get the added advantage the jobs will be run in parallel.

    Watch the intro video to GNU Parallel:

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for you tips.

    Unfortunately, parallel is not included in most common distributions like Ubuntu.

  3. It seems from "man xargs", the -i option is deprecated. They suggest to use "-I". I tried the following example and it works:

    echo "foo" | xargs -I % echo % "bar" ~
    foo bar

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