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Dec 252009

Why am I seeing "-- Mark --" in my syslog?


This is a timestamp which is automatically generated by syslogd, and is syslogd's way of stating that it has nothing to report. The default interval between two -- MARK -- lines is 20 minutes.

This can be changed by locating the syslodg startup script, and changing the parmeter after the "-m" option to suit your needs. To disable these timestamps completely, set "-m" to 0. For more information, type "man syslogd".


Dec 192009

How to turn off SELinux?

Answer: (pick either one)

1. Change the run-time configuration (won't take effect when you reboot)

# sestatus informs you of the two permission mode statuses,
# the current mode in runtime and the mode from the config
# file referenced during boot:

sestatus | grep -i mode
Current mode: enforcing
Mode from config file: enforcing

# Changing the runtime enforcement doesn't effect the
# boot time configuration:

setenforce 1
sestatus | grep -i mode
Current mode: permissive
Mode from config file: enforcing

2. Turn off SELinux permanently, use the following command