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Jul 112013

Rewriting last Git commit


Sometimes, when you regret your last commit and before it is pushed to remote, it is easy with the following commands:

git add file1.txt file2.txt
git commit -m 'Add some files'

# Now you regret to include file2.txt
git rm file2.txt
git commit --amend # Edit the commit message in the editor
Jan 122013

How to merge a specific file from another branch in Git


You have two branches, develop and master. The develop branch contains a lot of commits but you only want to merge a particular commit (of two files), what would you do?

You can use git cherry-pick but the easiest way to do and most people need is the following:

# git checkout master
# git checkout develop /path/to/file1
# git checkout develop /path/to/file2
git commit -m 'Merge changes from develop for file1 and file2'