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Sep 062011

Select a document in MongoDB


To select (find) a document in MongoDB, you can use the following syntax in the mongodb Interactive shell.

use my_db

You need to switch to the current database (e.g. my_db) and then execute your select statement.

Aug 252011

Disable MySQL server from listening for TCP/IP connections


If you only connect to the MySQL server from localhost and you might want to disable TCP/IP networking feature so the server is more secure.

To do so, edit the MySQL configurations, e.g. /etc/my.cnf


Don't forget to restart MySQL to take effect.

# /sbin/service mysqld restart

Aug 192011

Repair and compact database in MongoDB


To repair and compact a database in MongoDB, you can use the following command in the mongodb Interactive shell.

1. Select the database

use test

2. Repair the current database