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Feb 122010

Benchmark Perl subroutines


The Benchmark module provide a very easy way to compare (cmpthese) the performance of Perl's subroutines.

E.g. The following codes compare the performance of MD5 and SHA1 hashing methods.


use strict;
use Benchmark qw(cmpthese);
use Digest::MD5  qw(md5_hex);
use Digest::SHA1  qw(sha1_hex);

my $str = '83b0c3d63e8a11eb6e40077030b59e95bfe31ffa';
my $s;

cmpthese( 1_000_000, {
    'md5' => sub{ $s = md5_hex($str) },
    'sha1' => sub{ $s = sha1_hex($str) }

It will output

# perl

Rate sha1  md5
sha1  934579/s   -- -39%
md5  1538462/s  65%   --

Obviously, MD5 is faster than SHA1.

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