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May 162010

Vertical (\G) output of query result in MySQL client


Sometimes, a query returning too much columns will make the query output not very readable in the MySQL client.

You can use the \G, instead of ; when executing the query, so the vertical output is shown.

mysql> show variables like '%thread%' \G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Variable_name: max_delayed_threads
        Value: 20
*************************** 2. row ***************************
Variable_name: max_insert_delayed_threads
        Value: 20
*************************** 3. row ***************************
Variable_name: myisam_repair_threads
        Value: 1
*************************** 4. row ***************************
Variable_name: pseudo_thread_id
        Value: 169
*************************** 5. row ***************************
Variable_name: thread_cache_size
        Value: 12
*************************** 6. row ***************************
Variable_name: thread_handling
        Value: one-thread-per-connection
*************************** 7. row ***************************
Variable_name: thread_stack
        Value: 262144
7 rows in set (0.00 sec)

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