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Jul 072010

Open two files side by side using vim


If you have two files, you want to open both of them in vi/vim and edit side by side, you can do the following.

# vim -O foo.txt bar.txt

  8 Responses to “Open two files side by side using vim”

  1. But how do I move from one file to other?

  2. @Sourav

    CTRL-W + w (Press CTRL and w together first)

  3. Can both file in sync when I page down or page up?

  4. for each window
    :set scrollbind

    then all scrollbound windows scroll together

  5. Thanks Chris! It works.

  6. How to exit the :set scrollbind

  7. Thanks! this article was quick and informative. Already putting my VIM skills to work as a new php programmer. This article is a godsend

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